• green extraction
  • separation and purification
  • intensification
  • enabling technologies
  • deep eutectic solvents
  • natural products
  • supercritical fluids

The industrial production of perfumes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients and products, nutraceuticals, biofuel, or fine chemicals, involve extraction processes. In the field of extraction of natural products, conventional methods, mostly using organic solvents have major drawbacks, such as insufficient recovery of extracts, long extraction time, high amounts of by-products and wastes, and high energy consumption. In recent years, the trend of extraction has moved to “sustainability”, making a transition to “Green Extraction”, to develop more “sustainable” processes using alternative solvents, less energy, and reducing waste, while ensuring the quality of final products.

GENP 2018, “Green Extraction of Natural Product”, aims to discuss advances in this interdisciplinary area, dealing with innovative techniques, alternative solvents, original procedures, comprehension of intensification mechanisms, by products valorization, and the green impacts and sustainable footprints.